Tuesday, April 26, 2011

iPad 2

Hello world! About a week ago I purchased my second Apple product: my 32gig iPad2 with 3G. I am very impressed. I had a short experience with using and iPad in late November of this past year. I was just completing a short contract with a great group of students when our admin purchased iPad for all the teachers. There is no doubt that the tablet or at least the smartphone will change the way education is delivered.--TEACHING 24/7--Education has until now been a show up...do the work...go home and finish the homework- if at all. Now I say that with a grain of salt because I know many parents are involved in the education of their children at home. But now with the true 1:1 possibilities that the I pod pad and phone allow is a phenomenal advancement. The ability for students to play an online edu game take a screenshot of their score and post that to a class blog or submit via email or other means is just the beginning. Aspects like FaceTime and other means of communication are already being tested at the university level for students to keep in touch with profs. "Good morning Grade 6 office hours are slightly different today and have been posted on our class wiki and google doc."I believe we will see this transformation within the next ten years.--MY iPad2--With the additional functions of the 2 cameras I can now quickly take a picture and share it! Cans wait to go gold panning this year! Now I'm not going to ramble on about apps as many sites and blogs do that however here are a few cool onesDragon dictation - speak and it will type. Not perfect but pretty goodBubble math - gives the answer you find how to get itBubble ball - the one made by the young studentAngry birds- great lesson in patience... How many tries to pass a level?I'm lGlad I didn't wait for the 3 to come out. Whatever cool additions it may have I'll stick with my 2 and wait for the 4 or 5!Cheers

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